Monitoring And Evaluation


Governments and organizations all over the world are grappling with internal and external demands and pressures for improvements and reforms in public management.


These demands come from a variety of  sources including multilateral development institutions, donor governments, parliaments, the private sector, NGOs,  citizens’ groups and civil society, the media, and so forth. 


This calls for greater accountability and transparency  ,enhanced effectiveness of development programs in exchange for foreign aid, or real results of political promises made, governments and organizations must be increasingly responsive to internal and external stakeholders to demonstrate tangible results.


Resul based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a powerful public management tool that can be used to help policy makers and decision makers track progress and demonstrate the impact of a given project, program, or policy.


Results-based M&E differs from traditional implementation-focused M&E in that it moves beyond an em- phasis on inputs and outputs to a greater focus on outcomes and impact


Building and sustaining results-based M&E systems is not easy. It requires continuous commitment, time, effort, and resources — and champions—but it is do able. Once the system is  built, the challenge is to sustain it. There are many political, organizational, and technical challenges to overcome in building these systems—both for developed and developing countries.


Building and sustaining such systems  is primarily a political process, and less so a technical one. There is  no one correct way to build such systems, and many countries  and  organizations will be at different stages of development with respect  to good public management practices  in general, and M&E in particular. It is important to recognize that results-based M&E systems are continuous works in progress.


All these and many more benefits of having a reliable network will be discussed at length in this course.

Some of the topics to be discussed at length includes:


  •  Conducting a Readiness Assessment.


  •  Agreeing on outcomes to monitor and evaluate


  •  Selecting Key performance Indicators to monitor outcomes.


  •  Setting baselines and gathering data on indicators


  •  Planning for Improvements  - Selecting Result Targets.


  •  Monitoring for Results


  •  Reporting Finding from evaluated data.


  •  Using the Findings in decision making Proecess


  •  sustaining the M&E Systems within the organisation


  •  and many many more other relevant areas covered in this course.




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