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By joining this class, you will access to full, simple, animated DICT Sylabus notes;

 - Continous Revision Questions for your review.

 - Audio notes where possible.

 - Video or Animated videos for better understanding of your paper content.

 - You will have personalised discussions with your tutor, the kind you cant get in normal classes

 - You will Join the tutors Interactive group in the e-connection platform where you can share more easily.

 - Daily real time chats with your tutor for any updates, progress and notes reviews.

 - Able to book particular time sessions with your tutor at your convenience.

 - You are guaranteed success.

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The charges for these e-Learning classes are cheaper  compaired to normal classes, every tutor gets to set up there own charges, just browse through to learn the costs or Any Inquiries, :

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   Introduction to Computing
  Computer Mathematics 
  Entrepreneurship and Communication 
  Computer Applications Practical I 
  Computer Networking 
  Internet Skills 
  Computer Support and Maintenance 
  Programming Concepts 
  Principles of Web Development 
  Foundations of Accounting 
  Information Systems Project Skills 
   Computer Applications Practical II
DICT - Introduction to Computing -- e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Computer Mathematics -- e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Entrepreneurship and Communication -- e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Computer Applications Practical I - e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Computer Networking - e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Computer Support and Maintenance - e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Programming Concepts - e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Principles of Web Development - e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Foundations of Accounting - e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Information Systems Project Skills - e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES:
DICT - Computer Applications Practical II - e-LEARNING PRIVATE CLASSES: